The DAW® (Digital Art Work) is a digital art multiple of limited edition series. The multiple is authenticated, numbered, certified and protected by patented digital encryption system that makes it absolutely uncopiable and therefore unique.

Everything is different. Comparing DAW®s and images online is like comparing original work by Picasso and a printed poster of his work on an advert of an exhibition.

The DAW® has the same dimensions as the original work and it comes with a frame that is faithfully similar to the original one.

Any kind of technology, even the most innovative, to make the work look perfect.

Based on customer requests, it will be certainly possible to create a different and personalized frame or leave it out.

Cinello is the name of well-known Italian painter and father of Franco, one of the company founders.

Our goal is to create an open system to all that allows to valorize the Italian and international artistic heritage by exploiting digital evolution. Today, this system is essential to avoid, as happened in other sectors, that digital evolution destroys the value of the heritage itself. It also allows the owners of these masterpieces to always have more resources for their conservation.

The decision to start from Italy and especially from Florence comes from the desire to valorize the Italian artistic heritage starting from the place where the Renaissance was born, and to bring Italy to the center of the cultural world. And concretely, to support with our initiative all the most important museums in the world.