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The patented technology of Cinello offers inedited solutions for the dissemination and conservation of public and private artistic heritage.
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Some of the most known and prestigious artworks from national and international museum’s collections are available for exhibitions in various contexts.

Immovable masterpieces, which traditionally cannot be moved due to their immense value, can be enjoyed in their digital version thanks to DAW® technology.

Art Loan

Cinello provides art loans to museums, institutions, art galleries, foundations or individuals to rent one or more DAW® that want to exhibit in cultural contexts and events, digital masterpieces in compliance with *CSR.

DAW® loans are suitable for

  • Exhibitioss
  • Interior Design
  • Events
* Initiatives that support the economic and environmental sustainability for cultural institutions.


Thanks to the advent of modern technologies, Cinello can provide museums and institutions with DAW® replacement for the original artworks when these are on loan or under restoration.

Digital masterpieces (DAW®) are currently available for loan and exhibitions worldwide.


Cinello offers DAW® replacements to museums and foundations for their collections masterpieces when those are unavailable for public exhibitions. This way institutions can still exhibit their collection of artworks in their digital format for the public enjoyment.

DAW® replacements are for

  • Museums
  • Foundations
  • Cultural institutions


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