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Cinello is the solution for collectors, museums, public and private institutions, interested in owning or exhibiting immovable masterpieces from our artistic heritage.
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Cinello has inaugurated a new season of art collecting. Thanks to cutting edge and digital technologies we are now able to own immovable masterpieces from the history of art.

By collecting a DAW® (Digital Artwork) you are contributing to the preservation of our historical heritage, both in Italy and internationally, while supporting museums with the housing of the original artworks.

DAW® for Collectors & Museums

Thanks to Cinello’s technology, collectors and art patrons can today own digital art editions, numbered and authenticated, of some of the most renowned masterpieces in art history.


  • Galleries and Foundations
  • Museums and Institutions
* works of art that cannot be easily removed from museums for reasons of safety and cost
** rarely exhibited works housed in museum archives


Cinello is able to provide any masterpiece from our partner museums, in order to create incredible exhibitions.

Utilizing DAW®, for which digital reproduction rights have been granted, it is possible to personalize your exhibition by bringing together works of art housed in many different museums.


Cinello organizes exhibitions all over the world, managing all operational activities, from logistics to curatorial aspects, thanks to our collaboration with renowned experts in the sector. The exhibitions are organized with the approval of the partner museums.


  • Museums
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • University Museums
  • Academies


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