About Cinello

Cinello was born from the intuition of John Blem and Franco Losi, two engineers who have a long experience in IT technologies and who share the passion for culture and the historical artistic heritage of Italy.

The two experts of information technology are aware of the opportunities and risks of the digital revolution we are living, especially how the digitalization represents a fundamental resource for information sharing, and how this could compromise the value of the cultural heritage and affect its uniqueness. Speaking of historical artistic heritage, the risks connected to the digitalization are mainly related to the uncontrolled reproduction of images, that can be copied without any control and this could substantially hurt the special status of the original one and the owner of the copyright.

Cinello, a private company completely self-financed by the founders, has patented a new technology for the creation of DAW® – Digital Art Work: digital copies in 1:1 scale, which are managed by a platform that uses ultramodern technology and respects all the obligations and requirements of artworks, first of all the uniqueness of the artwork itself.  The platform has been developed by a team of Cinello’s engineers and it includes the most modern encryption and cryptography systems to guarantee the uniqueness and specialty of every DAW®